280+ FREE VST PLUG-in's at plugin boutique:

Updated: Jun 3, 2018

By Musician Life

We all know that there are many plug-in manufacturers out there from big to small companies making a ton of good VST's day in day out and trying to better the ones that they already have to make it easier and better for us producers to make music.

It's no myth that some of these big companies are charging a lot of money for their products and lets be fair, most of the time they do worth the fee you pay for them and there is always that odd one out that really isn't worth the asking price.

In times like this, there are some good FREEBEE's that does the job almost the same as the big brothers with big asking prices and we believe they are almost so close to their older brothers (Quality wise) that it makes no sense to not use them.

Plugin Boutique has more than 280 free plugins to offer you for all the stuff you need in your music productions.

From instruments to effects to studio tools, they have literally more than you need and a variety of plugins that is beyond your imagination.

The only thing you have to do is create a free account at Plugin Boutique's website and start browsing through all of the free Vst Plugins they have within their store.

Click on either one of the pictures above or HERE to head over to the Free Plugins section on Plugin Boutique's website to start treating yourself :)

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