Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Good day fellow musicians!

We as Musician Life family are a group of experienced musicians from all over the world who gathered under the same roof for one particular reason: To help musicians around the world the best way possible. That's why, in today's article we will talk about some of the most commonly made mistakes made my musicians in general in the beginning of their career and how to avoid them to achieve success.

Below are the top 5 mistakes that should be avoided by all musicians in order to achieve success faster and maintain a healthy career all around.






We will now go into detailed explanation with each one of the sections above and help you understand how to avoid doing these mistakes and become better in your musical career.


Procrastination is one of the most common mistakes that should be avoided in everything you do in life and not only in music, yet it is one of the most common ones that most musicians do. By thinking that you have "enough time" and "you can do it later or tomorrow" you have just told your precious inspiration to go away and not come back for a while. See, when inspiration strikes, you should do all you can at all costs to write it down, record it on your phone or if you are in or near your studio, just turn on your computer and write the music that's being sang in your head and get it out of your head even if you can't work on it as much as you normally would at the time. Cos if you won't, it will unfortunately be gone like many other ideas did.

How to avoid is pretty simple. We all have smart phones these days. When the inspiration strikes, all you have to do is to pull out your phone, record the idea in your head by humming it the best way possible so you can understand later on what you actually meant there, and then when you finally arrive at your studio, you can turn on your whole system and write that piece of music and maybe that will be that one big hit that you always dreamed of which will give you your big break through in the music industry


This one is actually one of the biggest and most harmful mistakes that all musicians at some point in their career (mainly in the beginning) make. Replicating, copy catting even, is a huge mistake which should be avoided at all times. Now lets not mistake "replicating" with "being inspired" by another musician because they are two totally different things. Being inspired by another musician is a good thing as long as you get the inspiration and use it in a different way to create your own shape and flavor of music. Replicating, however, is copying what you've just heard and making minimal changes and trying to call it your own.

Lets give an example to make this easier for you guys to understand:

You may have heard a soothing acoustic song by one of your most favorite indie artists and you've fallen in love with the entire composition and you have now found yourself trying to play the exact same chord progression with the very exact same lyrics? This will end up in disaster most of the time because you do not have the same passion as the artist who wrote the song while he wrote it, you are not in the same mind set that the artist was in when they were working on it.

To avoid this mistake is a golden egg that can never be exchanged wit anything. Be inspired but never replicate.


As a musician, you need some equipment to express your music and make it heard. It can be a guitar, a saxophone, a cello or a computer to write electronic music with a midi keyboard or a synthesizer to get more sounds from it, we all need some equipments to make our ideas come alive.

Now, although buying some equipment is vitally important and necessary, buying what you "need" is the key. Because, buying the equipment you "don't need" might and most probably cause a lot of problems. One of them being "not knowing where to start from". You have so many equipment in your studio that you often find yourself stuck in between them, not knowing which one to start using first so you can write that brilliant idea you have in your head. Yes, we all love flashy new toys in our studio and to be honest, they look darn good in the pictures too, but how many of them do we actually use? Or better question: How many of them do we really need?

Definitely one to avoid! Keep your studio setup minimal to increase creativity.


Another crucial point to be handled well and maintained at a certain pace to be able to achieve success in your musical career.

Most musicians are want to be great one way or other and they actually do write good quality music which can be chart topping hits. Something, however, prevents them from achieving that, and that is their "Social Media Presence". They either don't have one, which means, they are not consistent with their flow of posting on their social media accounts such as "Instagram, Facebook, Soundcloud, YouTube" or they do post stuff but are irrelevant to their career. This one needs to taking very serious because our social media accounts are our current "C.V.'s. Record Labels these days don't sign the talented artists only, they sign talented artists with a good social media presence who already has a hype around them and a good following with a lot of interaction going. Which can be understandable because they want to avoid trying to build the artists career for them and they want the artist to be as ready as possible so they can just use their resources and make them an overnight star in the matter of hours. (if that makes sense).

So, our advice is, please avoid posting ice cream or cat pictures on your social media and start posting more music related pictures/videos to create an exposure around yourself and gather more attention from others who maybe your next fan.


Now, you may just sit there reading this and ask yourself "What do you mean Lack Of Learning?" What mean is this: Learning never stops. There are always new techniques of producing/composing music coming out and these can be found on many YouTube tutorials by typing a few keywords which will immediately take you the right page. If you are one of these "Mr./Mrs. I know it all" type of person, this one is strictly for you to read carefully, or perhaps not since you know everything.(Laughing Out Loud).

You can never know everything. Learning never stops as we stated above and this goes for every field of life. Music, just like everything in life keeps on evolving and become better by each day that goes past. So, why not join the journey of exploring new opportunities of making your sound better instead of sticking to your old guns and expect miracles to happen in one night?

Never stop learning new techniques to improve your music writing & engineering skills to have better results.

And that wraps it up for today's article guys. We hope we've been able to help you guys the best way possible and help you understand what to do in order to avoid some of the vital mistakes in order to achieve success in your musical career.

Thank You

Musician Life Family

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