8 Free Online Tools For Making Your Own Album Cover

Updated: Jul 20, 2018


The recording is done. You’ve mixed every song. Your album sequencing is perfect. And you’re done mastering. Perfect!

Time to distribute your music right?

Hang on… There’s still one more important step! And it’s just as creative as the rest of your workflow: Your album or mixtape cover art.

Album art is still important. But the truth is, it’s usually an afterthought in the creative process.

It makes sense—you spend enough time honing your music and probably don’t have time to become a Photoshop wiz too.

No sweat. We put together this quick guide on how to create your album cover online for free—including where to find free photos, album cover templates and how to use online photo editors to make it your own.

1. Start with free images

The first step is finding royalty free images to work with. Just like audio samples, your album artwork has to be copyright cleared to use.

Many free image resources provide royalty free photos that you can download, edit, remix, chop up and mix to make album artwork that’s all your own.

Here’s 8 royalty free image resources:


Canva goes way beyond a simple stock photo resource (but it’s that too). It’s also a full featured editing suite to edit your images, add text, change fonts and basically do all the stuff you need to do before you release.

Their free online album cover maker will get you started on the right foot when it comes to adding visuals to your release.

Use any of the photos or layout templates for free, anytime. Just signup with your email for access (more than worth it for what they offer).


Unsplash is “over 550,000… free high-resolution photos” that can be used however you want. That includes album art for your next release.

Type in a keyword, browse the results, find something you like and edit it to fit your album.

No fuss, just good images ready to use and hassle free.

Free Images

Just like the URL says, Free Images is a giant site of over 600,000 (you guessed it) free images.

Browse by collection or keywords to find the perfect image.

Note: Some of the images included are from the paid service iStock, but a lot of the search results are free to use and cleared to go without paying any fees.


Every photo on Pexels is free to use for commercial or non-commercial use.