9 free vst Plugins!

By Musician Life

Hey guys! Today is a good day at Musician Life. We're back with yet another blog that gives you some more FREE PLUG-IN's!

Mr. Chris Selim the owner of " Chris Selim - Mixdown Online" YouTube channel gives you a brief explanation of every single plug-in and helps you with which plug-in is for what purpose.

Watch the video:

Below are the links to all the Plug-ins that has been listed in the video above so don't hesitate and click on each link to download the plug-ins and start using them to make your sound stronger and better.

Download Links:

1 - SPAN Click Here

2 - Revival Click here

3 - TDR Kotelnikov Click Here

4 - TDR VOS SlickEQ Click Here

5 - BX_Solo Click Here

6 - TDR Nova Click Here

7 - U-he Protoverb Click Here

8 - SoftTube Saturation Knob Click Here

9 - TAL Chourus-LX Click Here

We hope you will enjoy these plug-ins and make the most of them within your productions :)

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