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Updated: Jun 10, 2019

Hello folks!

We're back with another interview! In our previous episode, we've had the chance to catch with Devin Alexander. An entrepreneur, singer, song writer and a raper! And now we've got the privilege of interviewing BJ MEKK! "Producer & Studio engineer" of many alongside Devin Alexanders himself.

Below is our interview with him which we had last week. A true inspiration story.

1 - Hey Bjorn! It's an honor to meet you. We know a lot about you but our readers don't :) Can you please tell our readers about yourself, your background and who you are?

Hi the honor is all mine. I come from Iceland, born and raised, and i only emigrated to USA in 2008. Before that i was living in Canada, British Columbia. I'm just a humble soul who started making music in Iceland with my friends which grew into a passion for life. 

2 - How did you get into music? What made you fall in love with it?

Like i said it started back in Iceland. My very first experience came from a family friend who was doing pretty big things in music back then and kinda drew me into her world. I wasn't doing anything big then, just errands and sitting in on sessions listening to musicians jam etc. This is when i can say i was hooked on the process of making music and could see myself being a useful person finally! Later me and my friends got into Nirvana heavy and that's when i first picked up a guitar and later fronted my first band. Before long we were playing the school dances etc. We made a small name for ourselves (not really hard in a small town like that) and that lead to other opportunities and meeting with other people i would eventually work with. 

By the way that family friend was Bjork!

Here is a song which BJ MEKK engineered the entire session and put his stamp on it:

3 - How did you and Devin Alexander meet? We know from Devin that you guys got a great chemistry and whenever you two are in the studio, it's a hit! Please tell us about that a little.

We met at the studio to be honest! Paramount Recording studios if i remember correctly, its been a while! I was actually working with a friend of his when he came by and he liked what he heard so he got my number and hit me up later. We got into the studio and it was a wrap. Not that it just came together like that right away tho, we both had some things happen in our lives that put boulders in our paths but eventually once we had enough time to get to know each other well and figure out how each operate we could see it was a good fit musically. More often than not we just go to the studio with no idea nor concept of what we want to do, no beat, no music at all and we somehow always end up with something good. The thing about Devin is he understands the importance of artist-engineer relationship and how that shapes everything in your music from tracking to mixing to mastering. If the feeling isn't there or the respect even, things get lost in the process and your always chasing your tail! For your music to come out how it is in your head you need someone that can translate that into reality and the mutual understanding and collaboration between the two entities i feel is very important.

4 - What are your future plans?

My plan is to stay on top of my game and become better than yesterday! I want to buy a house for my girls this year! I want Devin to break out into the role he was born to play and i want to continue with our plans of rolling out I Love Trees for all the world to see.

This was an amazing interview and an amazing story! We hope you've enjoyed what you've read and will share it with the ones you want to inspire. Music is the most powerful tool on our planet alongside love! ;)

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