Captain Plugins 5.0 Out Now

Hey guys! We're back with another blog/review today and it is non other than the latest update for one of our favorite plugin companies "Mixed In Key" and their flagship plugin series "Captain Plugins"!

We love "Captain Plugins" and their plugins seems to never disappoint us. From captain Chords to Captain melody, Beat, Deep or Play, all of these plugins are the industry leading plugins on their individual platforms.

We last reviewed "Captain Plugins" by "Mixed In Key" almost a year ago but they have come back some astonishing updates and we weren't expecting any less!

So lets dive right into it starting with the video below guys! ⬇️⬇️⬇️

These plugins have been created for one solid purpose only and that is to help you get your ideas from your brain, straight onto your computer!

Imagine a single plugin for creating chords, and another one for creating melodies, then another one for making beats and so on! But all of them are made by the same company and the interfaces are pretty much the same with no confusion?? That's a WIN WIN we say!

Lets take look at some of the specs of each individual plugin that comes with the latest update:

1 - Captain Chords 5.0: Chord Progression

  • Write your own chord progressions

  • Apply rhythms to your chords

  • Set your Key and Scale for the entire song

  • Explore different chords and discover your favorite combinations

  • Compose music and write your own songs

  • One touch plays 3 notes of the chords

Watch the video below specifically made for Captain Chords:

2 - Captain Beat 5.0: The Ultra-Modern Beatmaking Plugin

  • Mix and match rhythm patterns per-channel

  • Hundreds of high-quality drum sounds

  • Play and record rhythms with computer keyboard or MIDI controller

  • Sophisticated MIDI editing

  • Add your own samples

  • Wave-form visualizer

  • Advanced audio and MIDI export options

3 - Captain Play 5.0

  • Play 4 octaves of notes in any Key and Scale using your computer keyboard

  • Always play the right MIDI notes in-scale. Come up with your own melodies that sound great

  • Play complex chords with one key-press

  • Make your own melodies and chord progressions with your own fingers – no presets needed

4 - Captain Melody 5.0

  • Write melodies that suit your chord progression

  • Connect the Melody plugin with Chords plugin

  • Apply different rhythms

  • Apply arpeggiators that move your MIDI notes

  • Adjust the tension between the Chords and Melody

  • Hear the melody played with 100+ different sounds

5 - Captain Deep 5.0

  • Write basslines that groove along with your chords

  • Connect the Deep plugin with Chords plugin

  • Apply different rhythms

  • Follow the chords: any change in your Chords plugin will auto-adjust your bassline

  • Hear the bass with different bassline sounds

We can't say it enough but we love "Captain Plugins" by "Mixed In Key" and they help us compose most of our songs (90%) and we believe anybody who hasn't tried them yet, is missing out on these gems hugely!

Existing customers of "Captain Plugins" will be getting this update for absolutely free and if you are a first time buyer, then you may purchase your copy of each captain plugins software by clicking on the following link:

Note: Captain Chords can be purchased for $79, and Captain Chords and Captain Beat can be purchased together for $99

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