"Devin Alexander" Interview:

Today, we've got the privilege of interviewing one of HipHop music's highly rated up and coming stars; Devin Alexander!

We've gotten in touch with Devin a little while ago and he responded our message immediately which was very kind of him. Now to get the interview done, he had to schedule a date for us within his busy schedule from being a musician and running his very own company "I Love Trees" which we will leave a link for it below so you can check it out.

I Love Trees website: https://itsilovetrees.com/

Without further due, here is our interview with "Devin Alexander":

1 - Hey Devin! First of all we would like to thank you for having us as it's a massive pleasure to interview you here at Musician Life. Please tell us a bit about yourself, who is Devin Alexander? Let's learn a bit about your musical background and you as a person please.

Of course, its a pleasure to be talking to you guys. Devin Alexander is a kid from California with a dream, who stuck to It and persevered through all of the trials and tribulations of life and of a journey trying to manifest something he saw in his mind. I started playing the guitar and writing poetry when I was young , which eventually led me to hip hop. I rose in the ranks of male modeling in my younger days and traveled the world working for companies such as Beats By Dre, Puma, Addidas, Kohls, Versace, Coca-cola and many more. That journey eventually led me to New York city where I mentored under my uncle and began working in business as an entrepreneur. I dabbled in a few different industries such as the technology industry and the social media marketing industry and I eventually found my niche in cannabis. I made music along this entire journey and eventually partnered with the legendary Bj Mekk to take things to the next level musically. The combination of the confidence gained by working with somebody like Bj Mekk and the loss of fear and the for of death that came from losing my best friends and my brother, I went full force into everything and have been thriving ever since. 

2 - Wow!, We're definitely sorry for your losses. Our condolences. So lets change the subject and change up the air here a little :). Tell us about your company "I love Trees", Please give us some more details about it.

I Love Trees is a cannabis brand with a mission. We are very passionate about breaking the stigma and doing good in the name of Cannabis as well as educating the community on different benefits of Cud and of Cannabis. I have been personally touched by its healing properties and I believe it is my mission and my responsibility to help others find the same peace. We throw cannabis events, host CBD beach cleanups, plant trees, feed homeless people and educate the world on cannabis and cbd. Check out our website Itsilovetrees.com to learn more.

3 - That is amazing! You're definitely doing big movements for the society and for the Canabis community and we fully support you.

Now, We've listened to some of your songs, such as: 

Soul Flow, Flip it, Best Life and Don't Listen

We like them all but we are definitely in love with "Soul Flow", what made you write this track? What were your thoughts when you wrote it?

Absolutely, when I wrote the song soul flow I was operating from a place of our collective consciousness. I got fed up seeing murders on the news every day and there being no justice. I was frustrated and that’s what came out, To be the voice for those without one.

Here is the link to "Soul Flow":

4 - We just can't stop listening to that song!! Okay back to our conversation.

Last but not least, what shall we expect from Devin Alexander in the future? 

Please tell us some of your recent and future plans?

Currently I am working on a mixtape and an album. We just shot two music videos, one in New York and one in L.A. The mixtape is called Karma Hotel and the album is called I Love Trees. They will be paired with visuals and some exciting surprises I am very excited for you to see. We are also working on more events for I Love Trees and are planning a west coast tour of both cannabis events and music.

We would like to thank to "Devin Alexander" one more time for having us interviewing him within his highly busy schedule. If you like "Soul Flow" by Devin, you will like rest of hims music and you've got our word.

Thank you for reading and please spread the love guys :) Musician Life

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