The Total Bundle is a set of all FabFilter plug-ins. With this bundle, you get our professional EQ, reverb, compressor, multiband dynamics, limiter, de-esser and gate/expander, creative multiband distortion, delay, filter and synthesizer plug-ins. 

FabFilter Pro-L 2, a major update to the Pro-L limiter plug-in, is now available.

With four brand-new limiting algorithms, a new true peak limiting mode, extensive standards-compliant loudness metering, surround support and many other new features, Pro-L 2 has been improved in every way while still remaining the benchmark of simplicity and effectiveness in limiters, say FabFilter.

New limiting algorithms

FabFilter Pro-L 2 introduces four new limiting algorithms. Modern is the new 'best for all' algorithm that produces even better results than the Transparent and Allround algorithms from version 1. Aggressive is great for maximum loudness, well suited for EDM or rock music. Bus has been designed specifically for drums and limiting of individual tracks, while Safe's goal is not maximum loudness, but to avoid distortion at all times.

True peak limiting and loudness metering

The new true peak limiting feature in FabFilter Pro-L 2 makes it extremely easy to hit a maximum true peak target. Just set the output level to the desired value, enable True Peak Limiting and that's it. Combined with improved true peak metering and extensive loudness metering that's compliant with the EBU R128, ITU-R BS.1770-4 and ATSC A/85 standards, Pro-L 2 is the perfect fit for any loudness normalization job.

Advanced processing

Complete support for surround audio with flexible channel linking makes FabFilter Pro-L 2 much more versatile in multi-channel scenarios, while the sound quality is even higher than before with up to 32x linear-phase oversampling. New features like a DC offset filter, external side chain triggering for stem mastering and a Unity Gain option ensure that Pro-L 2 is the solution to any mastering challenge.

Interface enhancements

The unique real-time level display is now even more effective with new innovative display modes, including an Infinite mode that shows all audio for an entire session. Moments of significant gain reduction are highlighted with peak labels to give additional insight in the limiting process. Last but not least, the interface has been carefully redesigned to be aesthetically pleasing with a perfectly optimized workflow.

FabFilter Total Bundle Plugins

Key features:

Great transparent sound combined with maximum loudness.

Eight sophisticated, carefully tuned limiting algorithms, all with their own character and purpose.

True peak limiting.

Up to 32x linear-phase oversampling to minimize aliasing and inter-sample peaks.

Low CPU usage.

Highly accurate output and gain reduction metering including true peak metering.

Extensive loudness metering with support for the EBU R128, ITU-R BS.1770-4 and ATSC A/85 standards.

Various meter scale settings, including K-System support.

Surround support including Dolby Atmos 7.0.2 and 7.1.2 formats with flexible surround channel linking.

Unique, highly informative real-time level display, showing input, output, gain change and loudness levels over time with key gain reduction readings and four different display modes.

Optional DC offset filter.

External side chain triggering for stem mastering.

Unity Gain option to easily listen to the effect of the current limiting at unity gain level.

Audition Limiting option to listen to the difference between the input and output signal.

Adjustable Look-ahead, Attack and Release settings to fine-tune the sound of the algorithms.

Separate, freely adjustable channel linking for both the transient and release stages.

Professional dithering with three different noise shaping algorithms.

Easy to set up for common limiting situations with the included factory presets.

Adapts automatically to stereo, mono and surround channel layouts.

Full Screen mode for precise adjustments and insightful metering.

Multiple interface sizes: Small, Medium, and Large, as well as a separate Compact mode.

Retina support on OS X and High DPI support on Windows.

GPU-powered graphics acceleration.

Supports common Pro Tools hardware control surfaces.

Change log 12 02 2018:

All plug-ins:

Fixed possible crashes in Logic Pro X, which occasionally tries to initialize plug-ins with invalid/uninitialized buffers.

Fixed possible crash in Nuendo 7 on macOS when closing a plugin.

Fixed issues with key stroke stealing on Windows when using the Avid S6 control surface.

Fixed incorrect appearance of plug-in interfaces in Live 10 in High DPI mode.

The VST 2.4 plug-in will now automatically adapt its channel layout to match the audio/track it is placed on. Note that the separate "(Mono)" version of the plug-ins are still included for backwards compatibility.

Fixed a bug that could cause a crash when moving the mouse over the right edge of a menu with icons.

Small bug fixes and improvements. 

Pro-Q 2:

Fixed an issue with Natural Phase mode, which could sporadically lead to an incorrect filter frequency response when processing audio at very small block sizes.

Fixed a bug which caused Permanent Spectrum Grab in Pro-Q 2 to disappear when the input of the VST3 plug-in became silent.

Fixed a bug that caused the spectrum analyzer to slow down when moving the mouse over the EQ display, with graphics acceleration disabled.

Sample rate information is now included when saving an EQ Match spectrum, so it can be restored correctly when using a different sample rate.

In EQ Match, the 'Save Input as Reference' option now checks whether the plug-in is receiving audio on the input.

Fixed a bug that caused the colors of EQ bands 9 to 24 not to match with the highlight coloring around the floating band controls.

Fixed a small bug when right-clicking the solo button in the EQ parameter value display: this would cause the button to remain in the down state. 

Pro-L 2:

Slightly changed the true peak detection algorithm to produce possible small overreads equal to the ITU-R BS.1770-4 example algorithm, while still minimizing true peak underread. This makes Pro-L 2 easier to use in combination with MFIT (Mastered for iTunes) tools like AURoundTrip.

Fixed a small bug that could cause the True Peak level to display in orange in some cases, while it should still show in green.

Fixed a bug that would cause the Integrated level to reset to -INF after a bounce in Logic Pro X (and some other DAWs as well). From now on, the Integrated level is now only reset by clicking the 'Reset' button in the Loudness panel in the interface.

Fixed a small issue that could cause an incorrect order of 'M', 'S' and 'I' labeling under the three loudness meters.

Fixed an issue that caused Pro-L 2 to seem bypassed when used on tracks with only a center channel in Cubase.

Fixed a bug that caused Pro-L 2 to crash when adding the plug-in to a 4-channel track in Reaper when using the Compact interface mode. 

Other plug-ins:


Fixed possible crash on Windows when using 150% scaling (High DPI).


Fixed a bug that could cause the output to become silent in some rare occasions, when using 4x oversampling. 

The updated plug-ins are fully compatible with previous versions.


Micro v1.18

One v3.28

Pro-C v1.23

Pro-C 2 v2.06

Pro-DS v1.10

Pro-G v1.20

Pro-L v1.24

Pro-L 2 v2.01

Pro-MB v1.17

Pro-Q v1.23

Pro-Q 2 v2.12

Pro-R v1.04

Saturn v1.18

Simplon v1.28

Timeless 2 v2.28

Twin 2 v2.28

Volcano 2 v2.28

just install - and do not need any extra frictions for keygenin, activation, quackin and editin the host ;)

Team V.R

rev.2 - Pro-G updated to 1.20

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