FL STUDIO 20 Has been officially released!

By Musician Life

Hey guys! The moment we've all been waiting for since the beginning of this year is finally here! FL Studio 20 is officially released with all of it's glory and is offering more possibilities than ever.

The first version of the popular DAW to include native Mac support. Mac compatibility was promised in the previous version, FL Studio 12 (the version numbering has jumped from 12 to 20), back in 2014, but only reached the testing phase.

Fl Studio 20 runs as a native 64-bit application for users of macOS 10.11 or higher and supports Mac VST and AU plugins. Owners get a license to use it on both Mac and Windows, and, usefully, projects made on both platforms for interchangeable, even if you use third-party plugins installed on both.

Below is the official FL Studio Guru video that will take you through the brand new FL Studio 20 and tell you all it's ins and outs.

Other new features added to FL Studio 20 include support for time signatures, freezing for audio and pattern clips to help reduce CPU load and a new playlist ‘arrangements’, which contain a complete layout of audio, automation and pattern clips.

FL Studio was launched in 1997 as FruityLoops by developer Didier Dambrin, who was inspired by Propellerhead’s ReBirth RB-338 drum machine and softsynth. As it expanded to a full DAW, it became a firm favorite of rap and EDM producers such as Lex Luger and Avicii.

FL Studio 20 is out now at the Image-Line website. It starts at $99 for the basic “Fruity Edition” and goes up to $899 for a bundle with all FL Studio’s instruments and plugins. There’s also a trial version that can be downloaded for free.

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