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By Serhat Gedik 11/21/2018

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In today's topic, we're going to share with you how you can get free samples to use from a very well known source like "YouTube". It's very simple, it is absolutely legal and royalty free and it is free of charge.

YouTube is an online platform which is known world wide for being the best video sharing website on the web. You can find from the most wanted to most unwanted videos and even the the ones that didn't even cross your mind, yet.

As for our topic related to YouTube, we as musicians can find any kind of sound FX on the platform regardless the genre / style of it. Without having the big question in your head "Is this royalty free?" Yes it certainly is royalty free. Obviously there are those who are not Royalty free which will mostly be a promo video of a paid sample pack by some of the well known companies such as "Loopmasters" or "SoundUwant" or "Singo Makers" so keep it in your mind to keep away from trying to sample these as these will definitely show you the way to Court ;).

Keeping it at our topic; how to sample freely with no fear of being called out for sampling a sound that wasn't free, all you have to do is follow the steps stated below and do not worry about the rest:

1 - Go on YouTube and search for sample you want with "Royalty Free" added at the end"

E.g.: Wind sound effect (FX) royalty free or Gunshot sound effect (FX) royalty free

2 - Go onto one of the online YouTube to Mp3/Wav converters, copy the YouTube link and paste it into the converting area of the website and pick the format you want to convert the video.

3 - Download the file and start using it in your projects with no fear as you have just downloaded a Royalty Free and Free of Charge sound effect (FX) to use in your projects.

Note: The sound quality of the samples you would download might and most probably won't be as great but you can always create your own Effects chain in your DAW to clear the sounds and make them match the sound quality you desire and use.

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