Holly Henderson Interview

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

Hey Folks!

Hope everything has been well over your ends and music is going great! Over our end, we've been extremely busy with our series of interviews and we're over excited to bring you our next episode of interviews with the one and only "Holly Henderson". A 23 year old British singer/song writer from Kent/London, England.

You can read our interview with her below to have more detailed information about who "Holly Henderson" is and where she is in her career and where she is planning on taking it.

Holly Henderson Interview:

1 - Hey Holly! It's a massive pleasure to meet you and to be able to Interview you. You are an up and coming artist with a lot of talent and great projects, please tell us more about yourself? Who is Holly Henderson and where is she in her career at the moment?

Thank you so much for having me! 

I do a few things now, I'm trying to keep my fingers in a lot of pies and hone my craft in more than one place, but as a whole, I'd say, I'm a composer/songwriter. My debut album Monday Green is coming out on the 7th of June, so it's going to feel great having that, and having more of a solid 'solo career' starting. But I also love my other day to day work, of producing, arranging and writing for various clients. So things are at the beginning, but enough work has gone into it now where I feel genuinely hopeful. 

2 - How did your collaboration with Fender happen and how did you get out to NAMM 2019? 

Fender is another thing that is in its small beginnings, but I have been pretty brand loyal to them since I started playing guitar, long story short, I think they're the best! For me, at least. I've always been vocal about that, and proud to play their gear. I met them properly at NAMM and they're really supportive of new artists, so they lent me an acoustic to do some TV appearances with, it's been great already. Long may it continue! 

NAMM happened however, through BOSS. Another company that are so good to new artists, I felt slightly alienated by the idea of NAMM, I wasn't sure I'd fit in amongst the more technical stuff going on, but BOSS made me feel so welcome, and I played twice at their stage, it was a wonderful experience. 

3 - Your new Loneliness, please tell us about it a little. What inspired you to write that song?

'Loneliness’ is about being all dressed up with nowhere to go, of being a hopeless romantic in the modern age. We fabricate our best selves online, yet we stay in the confines of our bedrooms and become trapped in a superficial circle of proving ourselves to everyone, and getting nothing tactile and genuine back in return. It mocks the ridiculousness of us being more connected than ever, and at the same time, totally alone.

Holly Henderson - Loneliness

4 - Will you be going to NAMM 2020?

I hope so! It tends to be a bit crazy around NAMM, things can happen last minute, so, we'll see!

5 - What are your future plans? Moving to states to live or ? Also Is there any plans of a new album?

I've been thinking for a long time about moving to the States, I think it'll happen quite soon, hopefully. Work keeps calling me back there, the music scene is so vibrant and interesting, and I'm lucky to have some great friends there too. The album is coming on the 7th, but I am already making plans in my head for the next one! I'm hoping to not leave it so long to release more after Monday Green.

It's been an amazing experience for us at Musician Life interviewing Holly Henderson, the young up and coming singer from Kent/London and we hope you've enjoyed learning about her as well.

Catch up with you guys on our next episode guys :)

Musician Life Family

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