How to get signed to a record label

By Musician Life

In today's post, we will talking about one of the biggest issue for majority of the up-coming producers around globe.

As much as it's a painful waiting time once you've sent your demo to a certain label, it is also a period with a lot of question marks and self-doubts. In this article we will tell you how to minimize all the negativity while sending your demo to a certain Record Label and make the procedure less painful for you guys.

1 - Make Sure You've Got a Solid Product

In today's music production, it has become very or let's say, much easier to produce a good piece of music and with all the tools that's out there, it has never been so easy to get your songs out there in front of main public. Labels are very strict with the song quality and how the song is produced because they have certain standards and if your song won't match their standards, then the chances of your song making it to their release schedule and you getting a record deal from them is very slim.

To be able to produce good quality song and have a chance to be able to get a good record deal from one of your dream labels, you need to have a good understanding of the followings criterias :

A - Song Idea

B - Song Structure

C - Mixing

D - Mastering

Without any of the above sections done correctly, chances of you being successful is very narrow.

A "song idea" is the main thing that you need to kick start off a project and that is followed by the song structure. You can have a great song idea but without a good song structure, you will not be able to impress the audience. The intro, build-up, drop-1, brake down, build up-2, drop 2 and autro are the main parts of a good song structure.

After these, comes the two main parts of making a song a "Solid Product" and they are "Mixing" & "Mastering". If your mixing isn't on point, then the mastering engineer will have to deal with a lot more problems and that will reduce the chance of your song sounding it's actual potential. If your mixing is on point and there is less hustle for the mastering engineer to deal with, he/she will make your song sound more solid and that will eventually increase your chances of getting signed by the label you desire.

2 - Intro To Submitting a Demo

I've been watching and keeping an eye on the up and coming artists and the level of arrogance is really high. For some unknown reason, using cuss words seems to be thought as being "Cool", such as "F**K", "AF", "Sh*t" and so on. These words sometimes are used when submitting a demo to a label regardless of the size of the label.

And some artists thinks by no introduction of who they are, by just posting a published soundcloud link of their song from 30+ days ago, they will have a chance to get taken serious by the labels. My answer to that is "NO".

How to submit a demo to a label is explained below so please take some notes and do as said:

A - Have manners, introduce yourself, be polite as you need them and they don't need you.

B - Send unpublished tracks

C - Send your tracks as private soundcloud links and send one link at a time

D - Make sure to have a simple art work to show that you're serious

E - Make sure to include your social media links within the e-mail

F - If you're using a given platform to submit a demo, fill all the fields.

3 - Be patient & Do "NOT" Bombard The Label With E-Mails

Yes, waiting can be a really painful procedure. in fact almost non of us likes to wait for ages not just for getting an answer from a label but simply almost for nothing.

So when sending a demo to a label, the after doing all the key points that's mentioned above, this is the final stage of your submission period, the most important part of it: WAITING!

Some artists send a demo and ask for a response immediately. The truth is that's never going to happen with the big labels and even with the small labels. Think about how many of you is out there sending demos to the same label with the same dreams/expectations as you have, thinking they might be the next big artist and the label will pick their song and give them a great news of them getting signed? Exactly!

Learn to be patient my friend. Patience is the key to success. Sending or bombarding the label with emails lets say; will only reduce your chance of getting signed and will most probably leave a bad image in the label's A&R teams eyes and that will take you one step back from achieving your goals a producer/musician/DJ. So once you send your demos, sit back, focus on your next project and forget about the email you sent to the label and put your full attention on to your next project and give it all you have. The label has received your email 100% and will get back to you once they get the chance from reviewing all the other emails they received before yours.

If you find this article useful, please do share it with your friends and show them what you've learned today.