How To Overcome Writers-Block!

Serhat Gedik

Good day fellow musicians! It's been a while since we last posted an article but here we are and we're ready to give you some useful information about this scary but also very easy to overcome topic! Writers-Block is a very common problem among all musicians from all kinds and it's even common in book writers, bloggers, as it is an "creative block" that happens and stops you from writing a piece of music or an article. We hear it from a lot of our followers/subscribers and often get asked "How can I overcome this problem" kind of questions. Well, there are a few things you can do which will automatically help you become more creative and help you overcome the nightmare of your life as a musician!

Things to do to overcome writers-block: 1- Leave the studio

By leaving the studio, going out for a couple of hours, walking around or going out for a coffee, to see a friend or going to a park even, can help you get rid of the negative thoughts that's brought to you by this thing called "writers block" and can immediately help elevate your spirit and your creativity. Listening to the streets while walking, maybe a odd sound will drill into your brain and that might turn into an instant new idea for your when you go back to studio.

2 - Record the nature

You might have a portable recorder or you can even use your phone to do this, but recording your own sounds from the landscape you are in, will give you a lot of inspiration to come up with new ideas! And what a big bonus it is that all of these sounds are "Royalty Free" so you are not only going to be unique but also headache free!

3 - Listen to different genres

You might be a Hip Hop producers, beat-maker, future bass, future house, EDM, Tech House or Techno producer, regardless of the music genre you produce, by listening to other genres you can definitely get an instant inspiration to come up with new ideas which you never before. No, this is not stealing, in fact, this something even the most renowned musicians/producers do even this day and it works perfect each and every time.

4 - Exercise

It may not sound real but exercising on a daily basis has been scientifically proven to increase creativity and productivity of a person. In our case, it definitely has been accepted by a vast majority of the musicians around to help prevent "Writers-Block" happening. You can take jog around the block, do some push/pull/sit ups at home, rope skipping or even go to the gym for an hour to not only increase your creativity but also help keep fit and have a healthier body and mind in general.

5 - Collaborate with other musicians

In most cases, collaboration with other artists can be a hard work but also fun and educating at the same time. It can also help overcome your writers-block. You might have been working on a project and have improved it to a significant point but it's missing something and you can't seem to be able to find/write it? Look for a fellow musician friend who can collaborate with you to complete your unfinished Idea into a full track and do not be afraid to do so, cos this will not only help you overcome your writers block, but also will help you to learn from this producer and get more creative on the points that you were stuck at previously.

We hope this article will help you at least a little bit and you will overcome your writers block.

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