Good day guys! We're back with another article that will help you in many aspects of your music career and will help you elevate to the next chapter.

In this day of age, you can pretty much make music on your any device you have, such as your Desktop, laptop, tablet and even your mobile phone. Literally, you can make music on your mobile phone and actually mix it and have a decent sounding song to an extend.

The reason why I am mentioning is to point out one true fact which is being avoided by many people, and that is: COMPETITION! The competition level had never been so high in the music industry as much as it is lately and it is only going to get harder and the bar is going to be taken higher.

So what do you do to prevent from getting lost between thousands or millions of releases daily across all the platforms? The same old way? Produce a song, spend days on constructing/building it, not forgetting brilliance of the idea striking you while you are in one of the most inconvenient situations (being in toilet mostly haha), then spend hours or days in some cases in mixing and mastering it, or maybe even send it to a mixing & mastering engineer to get a great result out of precious baby just because you value the effort you put in making it, getting from ground up by spending so much time and effort to finally have it sounding just "SUPERB"!??

I'll tell you what do most of you do; you go ahead and upload it on SoundCloud, Spotify or even go further and shake hands with a distributor and distribute your song across all the major and minor platforms on internet which is absolutely normal to do so and you should do it for sure! I'd be mad if you didn't! But here comes the fun part which irritates the life out of me: YOU EXPECT A MIRACLE! Yes, you do, you expect a miracle to happen, overnight in some cases which I find really funny.

And I can assure you that the chances of a MIRACLE happening by putting your song online is pretty close to "0". I am not saying it is impossible cos I believe that anything and everything is possible, but I also believe in being "realistic" and not to let yourself drown in hopeless hopes. Because the there is very fine line between being "Hopeful" and "Delusional" Okay, enough of that! Now, "WHAT TO DO"?

What to do with your new music which you have just finished by spending a lot of resources. Not just money but your time and efforts which are more precious than money. Well, you'd be surprised to know that there are many things you can do to get noticed and these things DO NOT cost a penny! Yes, you read it right, they are FREE! And I have taken the liberty to find every single FREE and most effective way of promoting yourself/your music the best possible way to get the recognition you desire with your music career. Here are the list of things you can and should do to promote your music to gain recognition and be noticed: 1 - Utilize Instagram like you never did before

2 - Connect your Facebook to your Instagram

3 - Create a YouTube account

4 - Get on TikTok

5 - Do not forget the power of Twitter

6 - Build your email list by creating fan-gates on Soundcloud

7 - Contact FREE music blogs

8 - Reddit Channels

9 - Ask your friends and family to do their part

The bullet points above are just about everything you can do to get your music promoted FREE and the combination of them all will definitely create a buzz around your music which may lead to endless possibilities. Now, below; we will go into details of how to make the most of each and every single option step by step:

1 - Utilize Instagram like you never did before

Instagram is by far the world's most favorite social platform at the moment. Considering the fact that 8,95 million posts are being posted daily on the platform, it's a no brainer to be on Instagram to try and get your slice of the cake. Now I know what you are exactly thinking: "But I am on Instagram and I post all the time (which is a myth) and still nothing is happening" is what we see most of the times from people who only posts once or twice a week. But here is how to handle Instagram properly:

1) Post daily, quality content

2) Make sure to posts videos and not only photos cos people interact with videos more.

3) Your phones camera is enough to begin with, but investing in a better camera in the future is definitely one of the smartest moves.

4) If you are a guitar player, a singer, a rapper, or even a producer, the steps above will definitely take your career to the next level!

5) Consistency is the key! Like I said above, POST DAILY and watch the results unfold slowly.

6) Use hashtags "#". Search the best ones on google or on Instagram in your field and leverage the power of "#" for your benefit. 7) Ask questions in your captions. This will help you get more reaction and that will lead to higher engagement cos now you are waiting for an answer on your post which will result in comments and that will help your video rank higher in the search page.

2 - Connect your Facebook to your Instagram

Facebook is owned by "Mark" as well as Instagram. And we all know that linking these two platforms leads to one great result: SAVING TIME! Yes, you read that correct. Now I am not going sit here and explain some unknown secrets about Facebook marketing. Of course, just like on Instagram, you can do Paid adverts on Facebook too but that's not why we are here. We are here to talk about the FREE promo options for yourselves and we're going to stick to that! Now, linking your Instagram to your Facebook is very simple is explained below:

To share posts from your Instagram account to your Facebook Page, you first need to be an admin of that Page on Facebook.