iLok v3 Released

After a short break, we are back with another great blog post! Are we aware of the crucial fact that "iLok" is actually a key part of our production setups these days. We use a lot of software/VST-Plugins that require "iLok" authentication and we are happy to use them as "iLok" is a great way of keeping your products safe.

With the release of "iLok-3", things have just gotten better! You can scan your data faster and run your plug-ins smother now as the new "iLok-3" is in USB-C version which is going to be mainly for the Mac users or anyone with a USB-C slot.

PACE tell us that the new model of iLok can hold up to 1500 software licenses (a threefold increase compared with the previous generation), and that its transfer speed is double that of the iLok 2.

Finally, unlike the previous plastic USB keys, the newest iLok is built into a metal case, making it much less likely to crack or split.

The new iLok is available now, and costs $59.95. You can read more about this topic on the official PACE website via the link below:

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