Interview With "Justin Biltonen" of "3 Doors Down"

Hey there guys!

We're back with the next episode of our series of interviews. This time, we've managed to

( don't ask how cos we don't even know haha ) an interview with "Justin Biltonen", bass player of one of worlds most renowned rock bands of all time, 3 DOORS DOWN!

This has been an amazing experience for us and we are excited to share it with you guys. Justin Biltonen has been a true gentleman for taking time from his busy schedule of gigging and gave us the honor of interviewing him.

1- Hey Justin! We're extremely happy as well as being excited for having you on board with us for our next chapter of interviews. For those of who don't know, can you please give us some detailed information about who "Justin Biltonen" is? I am sure everyone will know the name "3 Doors Down" but some information about "Justin Biltonen" will help them understand who you really are for sure :)

Hey there! The pleasure is mine. My name is Justin Biltonen, I was born and raised in Arden NC right outside of Asheville. I’ve been a touring musician since 18. I joined 3 Doors Down over 6 years ago on their new bass guitarist. I’m also country singer songwriter and began releasing my songs under my name last summer to all the streaming platforms. 

2 - How is 3 doors down doing at the moment? Is there any signs of a new Studio album or a summer tour ?

Currently we’re gearing up for our 2020 tour. It’s the 20th anniversary of the 1st record and we’ll be doing a world tour in support of its re-release.

*Below you can listen to one of 3 Doors Down's most famous tracks, Kyrptonite.

3 Doors Down - Kryptonite

3 - We've heard about the app you are promoting lately, the Jam Town app, can you please tell us about it a little? What is it and how can the musicians or the audience/listeners benefit from it?

So I joined the Jam Town team as the Promotions Manager several months ago. The app is a location based app that brings up all the live music in your area. Not just live-nation /Ticketmaster venues, but dive bars and honky tonks that have any kind of live music. The app is a great tool for people to find local musicians playing these smaller places that may have been totally missed otherwise. It’s also a great tool for the bars and venues to advertise their lineups in a platform that has people actively searching for places like that. Great tool for local and upcoming musicians to gain exposure. 

"Below is the main page of the Jam Town App which you can click on to head to their website and see this amazing app for yourself"

4 - Last but not least, what are some of your future plans? What should we expect to hear from you next regards to music?

I’m planning on getting my solo country music out on the road as much as possible. Releasing new songs as often as possible as well. Hopefully get my songs on XM and terrestrial radio stations and continue building that in between 3DD. I’d love to get out and open for some of the country artists I’ve loved as well.  

This was a huge honor for us Justin, thank you very much for your time and information you have given us regards to 3DD and yourself.

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Serhat Gedik

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