"Marika Takeuchi" interview.

Hey guys. Hope all is well and everyone is having an amazing weekend as we enter April which means the weather is about to change and music festivals are about to start and the holly spirit of summer has arrived. While most of you are out there keeping it busy within your studios, some of us are at the music festivals which have already started and some, well, some are doing double shifts both at the stages and the festivals.

This week, we've had the privilege to have an interview with one of the most hardworking musicians in the industry who is an up & coming star so mark our words! Marika Takeuchi!

We've asked her a few questions and she's been kind enough to answer our questions with the most genuine answers, so here they are:


1 - Hey Marika, it's a pleasure to meet you. Please tell us about yourself a little:

I’m a composer, pianist and recording artist, originally from Tokyo and currently based in L.A. I’ve released 5 albums as well as writing music for short films, advertisements, video games and music libraries.

2 - What made you move to United States and how are you finding it?

I moved here to study film scoring at Berklee College of Music, and ended up living here ever since. I find it’s a great place for musicians as there’re so many opportunities.

3 - Has the Japanese music culture got any influences in your current music?

Yes. Not so much influence from Japanese pop music, but I love traditional Japanese music and I try to blend it with my music.

A shot showing Marika at her holy place while she's creating magic.

4 - How did you get into making music for Games and Movies / Advertisements ?

It all started in slightly different ways - For films, I started writing music for student films, and that lead me to scoring indie films. For advertisements, I got contacted by companies who liked my music, and they either licensed my existing songs or asked me to write similar songs. As for game music, I got invited by other composers to write music as a composer team. 

5 - What are your future plans as a musician? 

I have so many things I want do, but my biggest goal is to become more established as both an artist and commercial composer. I want to keep experimenting and improving my own sound, so I can create music that is unique and irreplaceable, but also touches people’s hearts. I also would like to perform in more countries, and eventually make my own piano sample library as well.  

As Marika said, your aim should be crafting your own sound so you can create something which can't be replaced and will have your own unique watermark all over it.

We would like to thank Marika for sparing some of her time to answer our questions but we also would like to thank you, to our readers for taking time to read this and a whole bunch of other articles we post.

Thank You

Musician Life

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