"Mixed In Key - Captain Beat" Review!

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

Hello Folks!

It's been a minute since we last had chat right? But guess what? We're back and with an amazing review for ya'all! Last week, our amazing and beloved friends at Mixed In Key HQ have given us the pleasure of reviewing one of their forthcoming plugins; "Captain Beat"!

We've spent some time on this plugin to find out what it really does and what's it really all about. There is a massive hype around it, but can it deliver the expectations? Can it bring something different to the table that it's competitors can't?

The answer is "YES"! "Captain Beat" is designed to help you get your ideas from your brain to life in a matter of seconds with it's very easy to use interface! "Captain Beat" comes with fully loaded and armed with hundreds of drum patterns and grooves from each and every single possible genre that's currently out there and there is definitely something for everyone!

With the option of bringing your own drum kits/sounds into it, "Captain Beat" allows you to take the game to the next level! It also allows you to change the rhythm of any given drum pattern/instrument so you can make it into your own unique sound which nobody has. And just like every other Mixed In Key plugin, exporting your composition is as easy as writing your name (maybe even easier haha). Once you're done with programming a certain drum beat, you can drag and drop it into your daw, or export it as a MIDI file to use it in a different drum kit. But to be precise, below are all the options of possible exporting choices you have:

1 - Channel Audio

2 - Channel Midi

3 - Master Audio

4 - Master Midi

1 - Channel Audio:

Channel audio helps you to export a certain channel as an audio file. For instance, if you would like to only export your kick drum as an audio, you can do so with this very easy to manage option and use the track as an audio file within your composition.

2 - Channel Midi:

Channel midi enables you to export a particular channel's composed sequence as a midi file. This will allow you to use the midi pattern you have just created within Captain Beat and use it within your daw by changing sounds and find the perfect fit for that drum track.

3 - Master Audio:

Master audio allows you to export the whole drum track you have composed within Captain Beat as an audio file and just use it within your daw as an audio file. This is a great option for creating drum loops and using them as an individual file.

4 - Master Midi:

Master Midi enables you to export all of your composed drum tracks as a master midi file which you can then split them into individual files and choose the sounds you want to replace them within your choice of daw.

"Captain Beat" also provides you 3 main sound design options to help elevate your creativity and take it to next level with envelope, pitch and panning options. But it doesn't just stop there, "Captain Beat" also provides you with more options to help your sound design within itself with some of the best SFX! Apply Reverbs, Delays and Filter on a per-channel basis to make even more complex sound design on your drums to make everybody wonder "HOW?"

What's more? Of course there is more! "Captain Beat" allows you to connect your own midi keyboard or midi controller to trigger each sound you have via connecting them to your device and have the comfort of triggering them with the tip of your fingers like you love doing within your daw.

These are all that's there is for "Captain Beat" and we are firm that you guys will dive in even deeper to find out something that not even the creators know of which is often the case most of the time. You may watch their official trailer via the link below to have a little more visual and audio understand of what this beast of a plugin can do for you :)

Captain Beat is included with their full Captain Plugins Suite for $79. You receive Captain Chords, Captain Melody, Captain Deep, Captain Play and the all-new Captain Beat. After December 1st, Captain Beat will be sold on its own!

Purchase here: https://mixedinkey.com/captain-plugins/captain-beat/