Mixed In Key Releases Captain Melody 3.0

Hey there guys! We know that it's been a while since we last had a review but believe when we say that it has been a busy busy busy summer for us at Musician Life! Moving our HQ in London/U.K. was somewhat the main reason, but we're back now and we're back with an amazing article by the one and only "Mixed In Key".

"Mixed In Key" has finally released a new update of one of their flagship vst's,

the "Captain Melody"! This plugin is widely used by some of the biggest names in the industry, such as; David Guetta, MG the Future and more.

We've had the privilege of testing the this amazing plugin and boy we are impressed by how flexible and convenient it is to use!

It's newest feature, the "Idea Box" helps craft  melodies appropriate for plucks, pianos, analog and VST synths, guitars, voice and other   instruments.

Below are the official video and the written notes of Captain Melody which explains some of the new key features of this brilliant plugin by Mixed In Key:

The Idea Box


Create and Edit your melodies with the Idea Box. It’s our most powerful   invention. An array of parameters affect the melody’s rhythm, cadence,   complexity, tonality and much more. Create arpeggios, change melody shapes,   add randomness and experiment with variations of your melody.

Tension Editor

 Notes in the user interface change color based on the amount of tension they   have with the chords. This easy-to-learn color system helps to guide you to create   melodies that complement the harmonies and rhythm in your track. Blue notes   are stable, green notes add a bit more flavor, yellow notes want to resolve, and   red notes are off-key with the track. Editing the MIDI notes inside the editor will   automatically update their color to reflect how much tension the melody has   with the chord progression created in Captain Chords.  

Pencil and Paintbrush for MIDI

Draw in the notes of your melody inside Captain Melody 3.0 using the Pencil   Tool. Paint your melodic ideas onto the MIDI editor and draw in polyphonic   melodies.  

First Note and Lanes

Easily select the note your melody starts on using First Note. Change the   probability that a note occurs in the melody using Lanes. Choosing "Follow   Chords" within Lanes allows the intervals to be based on the chords changes as   apposed to just the parent scale.

Import MIDI Files

Captain Melody 3.0 allows you to import MIDI files and transpose them to the key of your song. Start to work with pre-composed ideas in MIDI files by shaping   them to become the main feature in your track.

Random "Dice" Button

Captain Melody 3.0 includes a randomization button in the Idea Box. Click it to   try out a randomly generated version of your current selection. It’s an amazing   way to fast-track inspiration.

Magic Record    

Add in original rhythms to your melodies using Captain Melody 3.0's all-new   record mode. Jam out rhythms on your computer or MIDI keyboard to add even   more magic to your music.

Compose with Sounds from the latest Spotify charts  

Captain Plugins preset bank has expanded to include a range of captivating new   sounds. Choose from one of the updated presets including Plucks, Leads, Keys,   Basses, Pads, Guitars and turn your productions into chart-topping hits.

Send MIDI to your favorite software synths

Route the MIDI output from Captain Plugins into all VST and AU units in   real-time. Connect Captain Plugins with Kontakt, Massive, Spire, Sylenth, Serum,   Roland Cloud, Omnisphere and more. Using your own VST’s and AU plugins   expands the creative potential of Captain Melody 3.0 and allows you to own your   sound.  

Available for Mac and Windows

Captain Melody 3.0 is available for both Mac and Windows systems. On Mac, we   officially support Ableton Live, Logic Pro X, FL Studio and Cubase on Mac OS   10.10 and higher. On Windows, we support Ableton Live, FL Studio and Cubase.

Free Upgrade

Captain Melody 3.0 is available as a free update for existing Captain Plugins   users. The entire suite of Captain Plugins can be purchased for $79 via the link below:


Here are some of the testimonies that's been given by some of the most respected names in the industry:

Thank you for reading our review of "Captain Melody". If you decide to buy this amazing plugin and add it to your arsenal, you can click on the link below and bless yourself with a copy :)


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