Updated: Apr 19, 2019

By Serhat Gedik 4/18/2019

Hey there folks!

We're back with another blog spot and this time we've got a big surprise for you but first;

In the world of electronic / computer based music, everything has become rather more visual and graphics based, whereas, it wasn't long ago (Perhaps 10-15 years ago) where you had to hear carefully in order to be able to tune in an instrument, mix a song, or to DJ in a night club.

Definitely not hating on the era that we're living in where the technology is moving almost as fast as the speed of light and everyday there are brand new studio equipments, VST Plug-ins, DAW's and even little gadgets that allows you to transform your ideas on to your computer, FAST!.

What we can do is to embrace what is being given to us, take it all in, use them to our benefit as we should, adjust ourselves to the present time and make the most of what we have. Like "Gary Vee" says all the time:

"There has never been a BETTER time to Exist in the humankind history".

Today, we're extremely excited get our hands on an amazing VST plugin by "Mixed In Key" and the instrument is called "Mixed In Key Studio Edition". As we were talking about the world of electronic music becoming more graphics based and making things rather easier for us musicians, "Mixed In Key Studio Edition" fits right in and actually does exactly what it's name says.

"Mixed In Key Studio Edition" helps musicians from all genres, beginner or pro, to detect the "Key" of a sound signal or a sample that they are planning on using in their project, corrects the key and helps fit the sound in the right key of the project. Problem Solved!

Say you are suffering from writers block and you are browsing through some of the sample libraries you have, going from one folder to another and spending a good couple of hours trying to find a sample / sound to give you inspiration, and then; suddenly the magic happens and you find that one good sample / sound, then the inspiration starts coming through and all sorts of ideas starts exploding within your brain but wait a minute?

You don't know the key of the sample? Well; that's where the "Mixed In Key Studio Edition" comes right in and gives you the ultimate solution to your problem.

A quick demonstration video of "Mixed In Key Studio Edition"

"Mixed In Key Studio Edition" is the most accurate, award winning and the best key detector on the market at the moment. It comes in as a VST/AU plugin and priced at a no brainier price of: $58.00. You can grab your copy from the link below:


When we got our hands on a copy to test and write this overwhelming review about this amazing plugin, we couldn't believe how fast and accurate it was. We actually had to take a second to think the following: "Is this for real?". And the answer was laying right in front of us: Yes it is!

Any sound / sample we loaded, the key was detected within a second and it was 100% accurate. We've even gone further and tried to tune in our drum sounds to make sure it really works, and the result was the same, it worked with a 100% accuracy.

Mixed In Key Studio Edition is your one stop solution for all your key detecting problems in your production regardless if you are making music as a hobby or if it's your life path / career.

Below you will see some of the key features which you will learn more about the plugin itself in depth.

Here are some of the features:

The Studio Edition plugin allows users to analyze samples or MIDI Instrument Audio, identify detailed notation data and establish the root key. Notation trends can be analyzed in short or long samples, allowing for instant drum pitching. The note percentage tells you how closely notes match your samples. Key results can be viewed using Flat, Sharp or Camelot wheel notation. Customers can use Studio Edition to key-match tracks or samples inside the DAW.

Insert on an audio channel in your DAW

Any audio on a specific channel can be captured in Mixed In Key Studio Edition. The plugin gives you detailed information about the Notes present and Root Key.

Analyze the Master Output

Analyze your composition in full and determine accurate Key and Notation data in real-time.

Automatic Key Detection

Mixed In Key Studio Edition analyzes your samples and provides advanced key and notation data to help you blend the perfect sounds.

Instantly Tune Your Drums

With Mixed In Key Studio Edition, tuning your drums is as easy as clicking a button. You'll instantly know the exact key and pitch of your drum sounds and percussion.

Integrated Results with Your DJ Software