Spotify Launch Music in Podcasts

Spotify have just launched a new way to experience music alongside engaging conversation on their platform. This new format combines music alongside spoken-word content - essentially allowing you to create podcasts with music or a show similar to something you'd hear on the radio, but with all the music discovery benefits that Spotify's platform provides.

It looks like it could become the next innovative approach for music discovery and promotion - could your label use music in podcasts to make it easier for listeners to discover your tracks or tell a story to engage a brand new audience?

What is it and how does it work?

It's a blending of both music and commentary together, alongside the use of Spotify's interactive features for listeners. So, whilst a song is being played in the background of a podcast the user can complete any of the following actions - like, save and read more information about a track. This can be done without having to leave the podcast or search for the track manually, the music is at the listener's fingertips.

Take a listen to Spotify original shows

Explore what's already out there for inspiration! Spotify already have their very own original shows that display the features in action and you can check them out here - Shows with Music.

Fancy making your own?

Anyone can now create their own using tooling in Anchor and there are an infinite number of ways you could utilize this format as a label, here are just a few suggestions:

- Explore different stories and events taking place within your genre of music

- Talk through the stories and inspiration behind your releases

- Go through your back catalogue and breathe new life into some classic tracks

- Interview artists about their new releases with you

To find out more and to start exploring music in podcasts today, click here!

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