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By: Serhat Gedik 4/15/2019

In the world of electronic music, these days all you need is a good laptop to be able to get your ideas from your braind to come alive. But there is a very healthy indie / live music society out there and the scene has never been so strong. Today we're extremely happy and excited to be able to one of live music's rising stars " SUS VASQUEZ".

Originally from Colombia, NYC based guitar player Sus Vasquez has finally had the chance from all the touring she's been nonstop doing to have a quick brake and to have an interview with us:

1 - Hey Sus, it's a pleasure to meet you. Please tell us about yourself a little. Who is Sus Vasquez and what does she do?

Pleasure is mine, thank you so much for having me. My name is Sus and I’m a professional guitarist based in NYC. I’m originally from Colombia and I’ve been playing the guitar for almost 12 years now. I’ve been playing mostly as a sideman on tours and gigging around the NY scene. I also do a little bit of session work as well. 

2 - How did you start playing the guitar? What is the story behind it?

So, I remember the day I was watching MTV and all of the sudden a Blink-182 song started playing, I’ve never listened to anything like that before and it just clicked with me immediately. I kept listening to punk rock bands like Sum-41 and Green Day and asked my parents for drum lessons, which they said no because according to them that was only for boys. After a year or so of asking they put me into drum lessons but I remember I would always get to the lesson earlier and grab a guitar and pretend I knew how to play it… Then one day I was playing with some friends and there was already a drummer so somebody passed me the guitar and the rest is history. 

3 - Do you play any other instruments?

Yeah, I also play the piano and a little bit of bass. 

4 - How did you get involved with Karol G and what's happening with you guys now?

In general, in Colombia and South America the urban/reggaetón scene is really big, and Karol G is one the most famous female artist in those genres, take it as a Rihanna but in the Latin scene. I now have the privilege of being her guitarist so I do a lot of touring on huge sold-out venues and many TV/shooting videos for important events. 

5 - What are your future plans as a musician / solo artist? 

Touring is fun but it always comes to an end, I’ve been thinking a lot about releasing original music and make a career as a solo artist so I am working towards that. For now my career as a guitarist is going great and I will not stop ‘til I get to tour with some big artist from the us. 

Sus at one of the sold out concert that she's playing at.

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