The 52 Best Audio Interfaces on the Market

By LANDR 3/5/2019

Audio interfaces are essential tools for modern music production.

Every sound that goes in or out of your DAW has to pass through your interface to get where it’s going.

But there are more audio interfaces on the market than ever before. Knowing what’s out there is getting harder and harder.

In this article you'll get all the key details for the 52 best audio interfaces available today.

How to use this guide

Today’s audio interfaces are extremely versatile tools.

To make sense of it all, we've listed each interface by its most important features: connection type, total number of inputs and outputs and price. 

Audio interfaces have all kinds of connectivity options.

If you need an overview of the different kinds of I/O, or what they mean for your workflow, check out our guide to How to Choose an Audio Interface for Your Home Studio.

The first number you’ll see in the “I/O” section is the total.

The inputs are written to the left of the slash and the outputs to the right.

That means an interface with 12 inputs and 8 outputs would be written “12/8.”

Following that you'll see a breakdown of the different kinds of I/O connections available.

If you’re interested in a particular brand or interface, use the table of contents to go directly to the product you’re looking for.

With that out of way, here’s the interfaces!


Apogee Duet

Apogee’s classic Apple-computer styled interface was the one of the first compact interfaces to bring rackmount quality conversion to the portable format.

It’s single rotary encoder control scheme had a massive impact on interface design for its ease of use.

Built with quality and simplicity in mind, the Duet’s I/O suite offers only analog I/O, headphone output and MIDI over USB.

Connection Type: USB 2.0

I/O: 2/4 (2x mic/line/inst in,  2x line out, 1x headphone out), MIDI (over USB)

Street Price: $649 USD

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Apogee Quartet

Quartet is the Duet’s big brother.

Combining additional analog I/O and digital connectivity with the same high quality onboard preamps and conversion as the Duet, Quartet is a great choice for medium track counts and flexibility.

Connection Type: USB 2.0

I/O:  12x8 (4x mic/line/inst, 8x optical in, 6x line out, 1x headphone out) MIDI I/O (over USB), Wordclock (out only)

Street Price: $1495 USD

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