"TOM WALTON" Interview!

Hey there Musician Life family! We're back with another artist interview this month and this time we've interviewed the rising British star "Tom Walton"! This interview was held by "Nicole Liask" at the "Musician Life" HQ in the U.K.

Pay close attention to "Tom" and his raise to fame as this chap is about to make heavy damage to the charts all around the globe!

1. Hey Tom, a pleasure to meet you and thank you very much for chatting with us today! For our readers who don’t know who you are, tell us a little bit about your musical journey so far?

Hey there! Nice to meet you, my pleasure! It’s nice to be here chatting with you! My name is Tom Walton, I’m an Electronic Music Artist, Producer & DJ from Nottingham, UK. I’ve been producing since I was about 14 years old. I produce a variety of Dance music genres, from House to Garage and Breakbeat. Earlier this year I released my Debut Studio Album “Sonic Limbo” in which I’ve had a quite a few of my tracks featured on BBC introducing including.

2. You have an amazing sound, what inspired you to write Why should I be?

Thank you! I’d say that my inspiration was with summer being just around the corner. I needed a track that captured the mood! “Why Should I Be?” was my answer to that. I really wanted to have a track that could create a soulful mood and vibe as well as have the ability to pack a dancefloor. It starts out fairly chilled with those soulful keys and those R&B type vocals before the bassline and momentum picks up and turns it into an infectious groove. I wanted it to appeal to fans of a variety of genres, I didn’t want it to just be another club style track, I wanted it to have something for everyone! And after everything we’ve been through this last year, I feel we need some music to make us feel good again! I think we’ve well and truly earned that!

3. Have you always been into music and who do you look too for inspiration?

I’ve always taken an interest in music from as early as I can remember! Music was always very present in my growing up ; and my love for Dance music came from hearing House and Trance CDs from the 90s. I realized that the music held all the power it wasn’t so much lyrical, the emotion came from the music and everyone could hear that no matter what language you speak! It’s a very universal kind of music. So that’s what got me interested in producing those types of genres. My musical background has always been very eclectic, whether it was taking inspiration from my parents record collection or the Jazz Piano that my brother used to play. I listen to everything and see if that can work in a production of mine. I like to look outside of the genre it is that I’m producing, and I like that to come across in my work.

4. Tom, we hear you love floral shirts, and we do too! How do you think this influences your sound?

Hahaha yes I do love a floral shirt! I guess my choice of clothing has always kind of reinforced who I am and what I like to do with my music. I want it to be happy and make you feel good! This world can be negative and depressing enough at times, and music should be an escape from all that! I want mine to be an uplifting escape, so my love for floral shirts has gone from just a habit to becoming part of who I am and what my music stands for. When you look at me, sure I’m no fashion statement! But I’m comfortable in my own skin, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

5. What are your future plans of 2021?

Well as the world hopefully unlocks from all of these Pandemic restrictions, gigs and events are going to be a must! I’ve got quite a few lined up playing alongside a roster of talented artists and DJs. So I certainly hope I’m spending a lot of the summer doing what I love! Of course, I’ll constantly be working on new music and developing myself as an artist! In the meantime, I’ll be keeping myself busy and look forward to the day we can see our friends and get back on the dancefloor! I just wanted to say a huge thank you for speaking to me today! It’s been great chatting to you, take care!

Thank you for joining us at this month's artist interview guys! Looking forward to bringing in more new artists to the spotlight and sharing their brilliance with you all! Thank You

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