Welcome "SoundUWant"to the world of sound banks and music!

By Musician Life

Musician Life family has the privilege of welcoming one of the most aggressive and up coming brand new sample pack library companies the industry so far.

"SoundUWant" are yet to bring a whole new perspective to the sample pack game and will dominate the whole industry by storm without a shadow of a doubt as we've had the privilege of testing their first four packs and we can easily say that "THESE SOUNDS ARE SOMETHING ELSE"

With a team of 5 producers/engineers/sound designers, all from different genres, SoundUWant are working hard on their products and are doing their absolute best to help up coming producers with a standard price range of $12 for each of their products but it doesn't stop there, you can use our code "MUSICIANLIFE" to get 25% off of the price tag stated on the website.

"SoundUWant" are aiming to bring the cheapest prices alongside their top quality products and the ease of using their very well designed sounds within your songs/compositions without any problems/issues.

Their versatile musical backgrounds consists of Film Scoring, Hip Hop, House (all genres) and even Classical Music. With this kind of a background, they do provide top quality products and we recommend you to check them out soon as you can.

"SoundUWant" team put massive effort into making the sound quality of their products great and amazingly easy for you to use in your projects and this is what they said to us in one of our previous chats:

"All our sounds are created and processed during 3 different steps :

1 - Sound design: We blend 5 or 6 sounds for each sample, all the sources come from synthesizers, own recordings (like snaps, foleys, or toms) or sounds from our own projects.

2 - Mixing together: Once the Sound design is done, we send all tracks to our mixing engineer, and he mixes every sample by adding EQ’s, compressors, reverbs, and more…

3 - Mixing for music: Then, we take all the samples, and mix each one into a track that we made. The goal of this step is to get a « ready to sample sound », and when you download the pack, it goes into your mix easily! It’s so simple to use them because they're already mixed to music.

That is the process of our sounds.

We personally use these sounds every day in our projects. And we work together to create sounds that we would like to hear in our music, so it’s very useful for us, and we hope it will be the same for everyone who buys our products. If you’re a musician who wanna lose less time on mixing, try our products!"

These guys are definitely worth a checking and believe us when we say "They are the Next Big Thing" in the music industry.

You can contact them via their e-mail listed below :)

SoundUWant Team: support@sounduwant.com

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