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Musician Life Retro Wave Sample Pack.jpg

Musician Life Retro Synth Wave Sample Pack

 The sound of 80's has been back for a while now and it wouldn't be fair if we didn't put our contribution towards it!

 "Musician Life Synth Wave" sample pack is going to be your one stop shop for all your "Retro" sample / sound needs.

 Packed with a ton of drums, percussion's, synth single hits, chord progressions and even some drum loop layers which you can pick and mix from different groups to make your unique combination of drum loops. Or you can simply go through the 100's of drum samples we've added inside the pack so start from scratch to make your own drum patterns to show the world what you've got. 
 But we haven't only added drums to this pack, we've gone the extra mile and added single synth hits, such as; Bass, arp, synth, lead, key, plucks, FX and more.

We've even added some bass loops and harp loops just so you can use them as song starter ideas or even use them within your project if they fit right in. 

What's inside the pack:

15 X Arp Loops
20 X Bass Loops
20 X Bass Hits
26 X FX Hits
20 X Key Hits
20 X Lead Hits
20 X Pad Hits
20 X Plug Hits
20 X Synth Hits
32 X Song Starter Loops
381 X Drum Hits & Loops